The Cast

Because nobody likes to be talked about online, even if it’s positive, my friends and family will not be pictured here nor will their real names be used unless they give me permission. Still, this is a blog about my life and they do sometimes come up, so I’ve renamed them and come up with this page to explain who’s who!

Girl Crowley is what I call my beloved sister. We’re a year and eleven months apart and she was born in Anaheim, CA while I was born in Bellingham WA. She’s a self-described Norse Heathen as well though our religions differ, slightly, from one another. She’s also an artist and an amazing writer who wrote her first novel at age 13.

Cruella describes my manipulative, neglectful and abusive, gold-digging mother. She had a huge impact on the way I viewed my body and my relationship with my weight from a young age since she hated fat people but was obese, herself. She passed away in 2013 and I’m still 100% sure she didn’t give a flick about me or my sister.

Cowboy is what I’ve renamed my mother’s last husband, my adorable and somewhat feeble stepfather who’s sweet, funny and likes to have a good time. He also seems to think he can force-convert me to Christianity and Republicanism. Nope.

Endora is the name I  lovingly bestow on my gorgeous, cranky, surly and always fun grandmother. It was being dumped on her for weeks at a time in my childhood by my no account mother that immersed me in a world of old radio programs, Cary Grant pictures and Irving Berlin that would eventually lead to my life in the vintage global community.

Senior Psychopath is how I’ll refer to my first stepfather whom my mother married when I was about 7. He hated kids, especially my sister and I, and hated girls and women the most. He was physically and verbally abusive, a lot of my core issues with self esteem come from him, and he kept us prisoner from 1986-2007, when he died. I wish I could say I’m a good person and I forgave him but I didn’t and I doubt I ever will.

Big Bossman & Angel Lady are coming soon!